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How to reduced leg cramps?

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Hello, readers. This is my first tips to you. 
Sometime leg cramps often occurs in us. maybe when we sit for long time and our leg in folded position. So, this tips for reduce that. Before we go to know about it. I will share how could leg cramps happen.

Leg cramps happened cause liquid and mineral in our body not balance condition. furthermore, it can happen cause the blood flow not fluent in part of leg. this condition can be occurs for many case. For example, you often use high heels, and etc. But do not worry about that. If you in leg cramps condition, just stay and read this article. So, you can get the tips to reduce that.
1. Choose loose shoes
The tight shoes in toe can make it to get pressure when stepping or standing on tiptoe. So, the flow of blood in toe not fluent. So, your leg simply to get cramps.

2. Stay away from High Heels
If you forced or must to use them, one time you must take down the high heels for take a rest your leg. Because the high heel can make your blood flow not fluent when your stepping and standing or away.

3. Inadequate your body’s Minerals
One of cause cramps is mineral deficiency foremost calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Intake of at least normal is 1.000 mg calcium and 4.7 gram potassium every day. Especially about magnesium, recommended for every day is 400 – 420 mg for man and 310-320 mg for woman.

4. Keep maintain your body’s fluid to balance
Lack your body’s fluid can make leg cramps. A lot of drinking water foremost when do hard physical exercise and a lot of sweat.

5. Massage or soak in warm water
A lot of method for make blood flow fluently, but the easy and cozy method is often to massaging your leg. Other method is soak leg in warm water.

6. Walking exercise
No need special maintain for exercise flexibility and sharpness of toe. That is enough with walk to pick up the towel from the floor or movement it at will while watching TV in sofa.

Nah.. that is all. That tips for you who have leg cramps now or maybe happen in the future.

Source : www.carazone.net

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