Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Junk Food tax, Wait?


KOMPAS.com – South Korea government reluctant for applying about tax proposal for junk food category like potato and fried chicken till burger with high content of saturated fat. Strategy and Finance ministries of South Korea express negative attitude for that proposal because some reason.

Taxation for junk food was raised in Europa. Moreover for hit the high rate of obesity or overweight, tax good enough to suppress deficit countries. 

First, South Koreans obesity rates are still low. So, tax like that would make low-income residents can not afford to buy food cheap. “ If such food are taxed, South Korea will experience inflation” voice of government.

According to Yonhap news on Wednesday (2012/1/25), Denmark is first state to applying that tax years ago. In Denmark, government  raise taxes until 2,3 % for product or foods containing saturate fat. In detail, for foods like butter, milk, and several types of pastries.  Meats of Denmark and junk food will have tax rate16 kroner or same with 25.000 IDR  per kilogram of saturate fat content. Because it beleid, small packet of butter rose to 3.500 IDR from regular price.And food like burger rose until 1.400 IDR per burger from normal price.

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