Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Plan for future, After get My bachelor

now is my last semester (hopefully). So, I purpose to get my M.S. in another country. Especially, I plan to apply for one of university in Korea Selatan. Before that, I must to finish my bachelor in my current university. I’m student in one of University in Indonesia, major electrical engineering.

From now, I purpose to increase my foreign language. Exactly, my English language. Because one of document requirement is TOEFL score. the TOEFL score required is 560. Because of that, I must to manage my time for available to do that. I mean to increase my English language for get the score.

Moreover I plan to get my undergraduate thesis. I really confused now. Because, a lot of title for that in my head. (ehhhmm… please choose one.. you can get it one of them..). Yes, I can. but still confused about my partner of thesis. She must choose one of them. hopefully, she can get another thesis for good useful. So, we can make thesis which many benefit for people.

Ehmmm… about my plan to apply in university in Korea selatan. I make some plan from now. that is the plan, checkit dottt


You see that.. hopefully, I can finish all of them on time. you can see the university in that plan.. just wanna share my plan for future after bachelor in my current university.

I’m sorry if this post not intrest for you. Cause this is just exerciese for increase my english language. So, that really not good to read and not good grammar. I hope my post can be good to read for the next time. I know, this post not importan to you all.. this is just about me. About my plan for future. Just say something to make exerciese for read and increase my vocabulary.

Furthermore, you can doing same with me. You can do it for your exerciese too. maybe you can do it well from me. so, just do it. just share what you think in your mind. if you have a dream, just do something for get it. Try better, better, and finally can do the best and make it cometrue.

hehehehe.. see you later in the next time.. in the next post. Hopefully, the post can better than this for the next time..

See YOUUUU..^^)

@myroom for study to get 570 TOEFL score.. aminnn!!

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