Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Two days study english


ehhhmm… about preparation for RCA-KAIST University Scholarship. I attend in english forum in my country. I will to increase my english language. especially, speaking n writing. But, I still to learn or study about grammar, listening and read english.

for speaking, I think get speaking well, I mean you can speak with someone, so you must try to say something. Like me, I attend in english forum and we discuss about something. In the last was talking about Technology. So, you can explore what your thinking about technology until now. Just say what your think in your mind.

in that forum not must for who have good speak in english. but, if you don’t know anything or your speak in english really poor. Forum english is the right place for increase or explore your english speak. Because that forum for study and practice our english speaking. in that forum you can combine bahasa and english and you can ask who attend in forum like” what “takut” in english?”. Like me, I think I really poor speaker in english. Because of that, I want to increase it. for that we must practice. If you always attend in that forum until three mount or more, you can fill something different. Because it, you always practice speak and try to say what you think and you used english.

first time I attend in my forum, my english really bad. but people in the forum will not laugh to you. And than, they will help you to get a good english or to make good sentence. so, you get use to speak english like me. Hopefully, I can attend every day in english forum. If much time use english, that can make good english. And that effect not only for speaking but for other content like writing, listening, and reading english. furthermore, we can communicated with other people from other country. And than, we can Increase TOEFL Score.

That is over today. Hopefully, tomorrow can better than yesterday. Always make something better than yesterday for the future.

hopefully, Ya… Allah, I request to you for RidhoMu to become good speaker in english. I hope so, you can give reason and see my way and give me ease way to get RCA-KAIST University Scholarship. And can learn more about Korea (especially south Korea), Islam, and see other Islamic people in Korea and study together with them. Amin.

I always thankful to ALLAH SWT. Alhamdulillah ^^

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