Jumat, 13 Juni 2014

March, Full of Learn

“Maka nikmat tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?” Q.S Ar-Rahman: 13.

“Bersyukur = Happiness” -evhy, 1st March 2014-

“Happiness bring successed” -herviana, 2nd March 2014-

“Allah swt. always beside you. Believe it. Keep the faith”

"stories produce experience” from your stories, you can get experience. So, Create your story that you want and experience will be going forward to you. By experience we learn, from learn we know, from know, we do, from do, we change. Make it in positive way to get positive feedback. – 3rd March, 2014 -

“Orang yang menginginkan semuanya tidak akan mendapatkan semuanya” – Life is choice -

Together bring happiness, We share, We do, We feel!!

“Together with understanding bring happiness around us and for us” – Herviana -

“Different Result coming from difference implementation. Even we use same theory or strategy” – Herviana, 4th March, 2014 -

“Getting feedback from everything that you do to make sure something that you get or understand” inspiring when talking with my friends.

“Synergy and understand people first before judgment” – Herviana -

“Managing your time. You are the only one who must care about yourself and yourtime, to make it more useful and meaningful” – Herviana, 6 March 2014 -

“Every people have their weakness & strength . You just need to accept your self & change to be better. Get your dream to become happy” – Herviana, 6 March 2014 -

“it’s not really how smart you are, but how you become smart” – Warren Bielke -

“Hidup adalah pilihan. setiap pilihan itu akan bernilai ketika kita memberinya. segala sesuatu akan bernilai negative jika kita memberinya nilai negatif dan akan positive jika kita memberinya nilai positive. Jadi pilihan kita, apakah kita akan memberinya nilai positive atau negative?” . Setiap pilihan akan ada investment, consequence, & Risk.  – learn from book “Beyond the Inspiration”, 7 march 2014 -

“Setiap orang punya kelebihan (strenght) dan kekurangan (weakness) and people can be change. Strenght or weakness is just behavior. behavior before clustered is nothing. Behavior when you put in the right time & way that will become your strenght. but if you put it in the wrong way, time, & place that will become your weakness. So, in this world your strenght that you think now can become your weakness or your weakness can become your strenght. It’s just about when the right time & place you put your behavior. So, it become your strenght!” – herviana, 7 March 2014 -

“Your ego will kill your talent” – aninomous

“Before judge someone, please asking their condition, what happen with them? are they sick? or have some problem? I should asking them. also, not just asking but try to understand it. Try to make them trust you & make them tell their condition by said “ let me know your condition”. Than, asking for give a help “what I should do for you? Can I help you? Please let me know. I will try my best for you”. Why should be like that? Because they are human like you. They have their own problem like you and also they are your friend (even we just meet right now, or we never meet before). Give help as much as you can!! Human = You.” – Herviana, 8 March 2014 -

“8 Happiness concept : Berpikir –> Berdoa –> Berusaha –> Berdoa –> Bertawakkal –> Bersyukur –> Bersemangat –> Berbagi –> (back to the first)” – Concept Made by Herviana, 8 March 2014 -

“Merencanakan & Merancang masa depan = merencanakan kebahagian”  ketika anda berusaha untuk merancang masa depan Anda, tentu Anda akan memilih untuk memiliki masa depan yang cerah dan bahagia dan memutuskan  melakukan sesuatu di masa sekarang untuk mewujudkannya”

“The Mindset of Milioner perspective is: Integrity (being honest with all people), Dicipline (Applying self control), Social Skill (getting along with people), A supportive spouse (pasangan), Hardwork (more than most people)” - Learn from book “Milionare Mind” on 10 March 2014.

“leadership is develop not discovered” – john C. Maxwell -

“leadership is a relationship, leadership is about leverage not authority. leadership is empowering others not control. leadership need to have vision.”

“the best leadership is Servant Ledership = you influence other by serving other” – 11 March 2014 -


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