Selasa, 20 Januari 2015

On Preparation–Fighting!!!


I wanted apply scholarship since 2 years ago. I already search about the university, especially in KOREA. I wanted to have my M.S Degree from a university in KOREA. So, I tried to find my focus study and university what suitable for that.

In 2 years ago, I still felt my weakness in English area & Personal Skill (soft skill). So, I choose to join in a global organization. During 2 years, my English very increased and got many personal skill. I involved in many part inside the organization and I came up with a lot of knowledge to gain.

Now, I plan to apply KGSP 2015 in SNU. I read many document. I read some articles related in my topic focus study. I also read articles related preparation for KGSP Graduate program. All of them are preparation to make my application outstanding.

Hmmm… what I need is more focus on preparation. More Fighting. As a student of engineering faculty, we should “KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END”. I will… I will.. I will.. Insha Allah. Insha Allah… Fight for my dream. Go for KGSP-SNU 2015 ^^ Insha Allah.. it can if that’s my fortune. Amin ^^

I surrender everything to YOU YA ALLAH.. Human just can plan, and do the best. ALLAH swt. will decide everything. So, let’s do the best and pray.. and pray.. and pray… I believe you will always help and give the best for me. Yeahhhh…

Alhamdulillillahirabbil`alamin ^^

Makassar, 11 Januari 2015

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