Minggu, 20 September 2015

Time when i cried a lot

Hmmm.. Today, i have cried a lot. I watched a koren drama. The title of drama is "High School love on". From the first time i saw this drama, the tear just flow down from my eyes. It's really given much learn about friendship and family. But the most moving part is love. How your heart feeling the love of people around you. Love is always greatest happiness in this world. But when you put it in the wrong place, you may gain pain a lot. Things you need to do about Love according to get happiness is share your love each other. Love do not mean i own you. But love means let's be happy with what make you happy but the best thing is what make us happy. Get to know each other, Accept each other and make our real smile. That's what i know about Love.

Is it correct?

But then, the precious Love is getting Allah Love. How? Get to know about Allah swt.

I wish i get it! I know that get the love will not easy but I believe Allah swt can make it easy.

What i got today, i have cried a lot and i got headache right after. The pain is getting hard day by day but take a rest and being thankful and satisfied would be great medicine of my pain. I hope every single pain that i feel will erase my sin. Aamiin....

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