About Me

This blog belongs to someone who really love having a lot of friends from everywhere. 
A story behind existance of this blog is when I saw my friends blog. Than, I also want to make a blog. Finally I made it on 2010. Alhamdulillah^^

This is something about me:
I'm belongs to Allah swt.
Child of my parents
the 5th Child from 5 Sisters
A girl
P.G.O Lovers (Purple-Green-Orange) Lover
Book Lover
Like Reading
Looking for friends all over the world
Engineer from UNHAS
Ready to go the beautifull place that Allah Create
Get the Master in Korea (Soon to be, Insya Allah. Amin)
Want to be a person who can usefull and helpfull for People
always happy^^

The most place that I want to go:

249258_1884193184589_1234147031_31575584_6905565_nI hope by having this blog, i can share more usefull information from my story, experience, or soemthing that I know. Because i really love to share and know that the information really usefull for someone that need it. the things that make me happy, if contacting by someone that need some help and I can help that person. Well, that's little bit about me. 

You can contact me here. Love to know you

Always faithful to ALLAH SWT. adalah pegangan dalam hidup. Yah.. begitulah..

My father is my spirit, my family is my body, and ALLAH SWT is my heart..

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